How to host a great New Year’s Eve party

New Year’s Eve is widely known as a day to welcome a new year surrounded by your closest family and friends. It’s a time to celebrate another year gone by, get excited for future plans and vow to adopt better habits or maybe lose a few bad ones.

A great way to commemorate the end of 2015 is to host a New Year’s Eve party at your house for you and your loved ones. There is a lot of preparation and effort that goes into a successful end-of-year celebration, but with some planning, it’s possible to host a great party without breaking the bank.

Eating well
It’s the responsibility of the host to make sure guests are comfortable and happy. One of the best things to provide for guests is a smorgasbord of tasty snacks. Since many people start celebrating later, guests won’t necessarily expect to get an elaborate dinner, so instead, you can offer hors d’oeuvres. To determine how many to make, count on each guest eating at least two of each variety.

Snacks and hors d’oeuvres don’t have to be hard to make, nor do they need to be expensive. In the interest of catering to potential New Year’s resolutions, try to keep things healthy. As Food Network notes, mixed nuts and other healthy options are always a hit. Also, along with a meat and cheese platter, offer a fruit or veggie tray for those wanting to leave room for some decadent treats.

Treat your guests to some delicious snacks at your party.Set out some tasty snacks for your guests to enjoy while counting down the hours and minutes until the new year.

Many people plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve by watching New York City’s celebration in Times Square on TV. According to USA Today, an estimated 1 billion people tuned into the festivities in 2014.

Real Simple suggested that hosts put together New Year-themed games, such as a guessing game to see how each person wants to live his or her life in the upcoming year. Many will also be making New Year’s resolutions; go around the room and share yours with the group. Others have traditions of making as much noise as possible when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Money Crashers explained hosts can play upon this tradition by having a contest to see who brings the loudest noise maker.

Shining decorations
New Year’s Eve decorations are typically synonymous with glitter and sparkles. Reusing holiday decorations, such as gold or silver garland, is an inexpensive way to set a festive tone. White string lights will also create a festive atmosphere.

PopSugar explained that putting tea lights in an airtight bag in the freezer for a night will help them last longer. Also, using colored light bulbs in place of your usual ones will create a fun atmosphere your guests will enjoy.

There are also some fun decorations you may be able to find around your home already. For instance, plants and small garden statues can dress up the buffet table.

“Colored light bulbs in place of your everyday ones can create a fun atmosphere.”

Sending them on their way
When the confetti has already decorated Times Square and your party is starting to wind down, help your guests out as they prepare to embark on the new year. Make sure you have phone numbers for a few cab companies in your area to ensure a safe ride home for your friends, or enlist a few designated drivers ahead of time.

As they leave, make sure they take a memento with them. Party favors don’t have to be expensive to be appreciated by your guests. Real Simple suggested giving out bags of black-eyed peas along with a recipe, as the legume is said to bring good luck. HGTV recommended including some treats they can enjoy on the first day of 2016, along with a thank-you card. It’s a good idea to let your guests know you enjoyed celebrating the close of 2015 with them.

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