A sloped yard can bring privacy, but how do you tame it?

A yard is often seen as an extension of a home. We love to spend time in them with family and friends during the warmer months. However, if you are a homeowner with a sloped yard, this can be a challenge. A sloped yard brings its own set of obstacles. If it is not landscaped properly, there can be erosion and run off that finds its way onto your patio or deck. Not to mention the dreary look of a hill of dirt. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could turn that hill of dirt into something beautiful?

How do you transform your backyard?

The first thing to do is decide if you want to do this yourself or hire a landscape contractor to do the job. If you do decide to hire a landscape contractor be sure to check their credentials with your state. Each state has either a Contractors’ Licensing Board or Landscape Contractors Association. A landscape contractor should be licensed or registered with them.

Take the time to educate yourself on the plant hardiness zone for your specific area. By doing so, you will be able to choose the specific plants, shrubs and flowers that will survive best in your area of the country. Most plant stock sold in nurseries will have tags designating the best hardiness zone for survival.

Be sure to find the right plants for your area of the country.
Be sure to find the right plants for your area of the country.

Next, consider your budget, the space and how you would like to use it. You wouldn’t necessarily see all the potential from the hill of dirt in front of you.  It’s really all about your strategy. How much value will this backyard bring over other investments to your home? Just like an interior remodel, not everything adds value to your home. This is really when the strategic thinking comes into play. This can be tough because you may want something specific that your family may benefit from that may not apply to a large amount of homebuyers. Any time you make an improvement to your home you should also consider what the changes can bring in resale value. Something designed just for children, such as a customized sandbox may present less value to homebuyers without children; whereas, a patio or deck could have a wider reach when it comes to homebuyer wish list items.

Oh, the landscape possibilities

From creating tiered planting beds to a cascading waterfall, or simply planting ornamental grasses the possibilities are endless. If you don’t already have one and your space is large enough, you may want to add a patio or deck. Depending upon the layout of your backyard, you may need to carve out space in the slope to accomplish this. With all of these possibilities, how do you start? This is where a licensed landscape architect could help. They can view the space, review your needs and wants and provide you with alternatives for the space. Seeing the plans on paper can really help you visualize the transformation. Perhaps you want to install steps along the slope to ease in further landscape maintenance? Or add a tranquil seating area that family and guests can enjoy. Another possibility is to add low maintenance plants, boulders, and lighting that can increase visual stimulation.

Once the transformation is complete your family is sure to enjoy it for many years to come. Can you already picture the many family barbecues you’ll enjoy?! You may have also increased your home’s resale value and widened your home’s appeal to future first-time home buyers as well as seasoned home buyers.

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