Tips for preparing your house for a showing

First impressions are key when it comes to selling your home. While you hope that an interested homebuyer will immediately feel the same amount of joy in your home that you do, you must remember that it is filled with your memories, and therefore means something special to you. Your goal is to demonstrate to potential homebuyers that they could have these same types of memories.

When someone comes to look at your home, you want them to imagine themselves living in the space. Therefore, you have to take some steps to set the stage. If you are serious about making a great first impression, you need to take a long look at your home, and consider the following factors:

"You want interested homebuyers to feel as if they could move in right away."

Curb appeal
While the inside of your home might be lovely and what you would consider to be an easy sell, potential homebuyers have to get through the front door first. And whether you like it or not, that first impression begins at the curb, not inside the front entrance. When homebuyers arrive to look at your home they are going to first see the grass and any weeds or overgrown shrubs that are taking over your garden. According to Trulia in a guest post for Forbes, these unsightly details could in fact be a distraction that even prevents some people from going any further.

Also, you have to consider that this view will not only be the first, but the last as well. After they spend some time walking through your home they will return to the front of the home and take one more glance before leaving. Make sure that last glance is a lasting impression that makes them want to return.

Having clutter can be a major distraction for interested homebuyers. This doesn't only mean having magazines or papers piled up on the counter, but also too many items in a room. Rochester's Real Estate Blog noted that even items on coat racks should be cleared away for a clean viewing.

If you have too much furniture, ask a neighbor if you can store some of it for the time being, or perhaps you can put it in your garage during the showing. Just make sure to do so in an orderly way. You should also rearrange furniture in a way that makes the home feel as open as possible. Try not to block windows or have couches in the middle of the room. When there is too much clutter it can not only feel messy, but also smaller.

First impressions go a long way in an open house.Remove all clutter from counter tops.

Personal items
You likely have family photos around your home, and while they are nicely framed and add taste and décor to a room, they can be distracting for interested homebuyers. You want homebuyers to feel like they could live in the house the way it is, and if there are photos of your family all over then they are going to feel like they are in your home. This mindset can sometimes get in the way of a homebuyer pulling the trigger on making an offer.

Also, remove any pet items if you have a furry friend living with you. Many people don't mind pets, but some are turned off by them or, even worse, are allergic. Make sure toys and food are tucked away out of sight and the house smells fresh.

Touch ups
There are always little things that can be done before people come in to look at your home. Whether you have a burnt out light bulb or a squeaky screen door, fix these things before interested eyes come to inspect. These may seem like small things, but homebuyers are tallying up the likes and dislikes of a home. If there are enough little things broken or in need of replacement, it could prevent homebuyers from returning or making an offer.

It is crucial to wipe down counters and mop the floor, but don't just stop there when preparing your house for a showing. Interested homebuyers are going to want to walk into a place and feel like they could move in right then. If there are too many distractions then it might be more difficult to sell your home. Don't put yourself through a long process, get it right instantly by having your home ready for whoever walks through the front door.

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