Ways to market your home with technology

Technology is finding its way into just about every aspect of people’s lives, simplifying tasks and allowing people to not only explore a wider range of information, but also to promote their interests to a wider audience as well. The millennial generation knows this better than any, as they grew up with mobile technology at their fingertips. Other generations have caught on as well, opening the doors for everything from ordering food to booking flights to home purchasing. If you are looking to sell your home, it is important to know that millennials have paved the way for homeselling through mobile technology and have lead industry leaders to follow suit, according to U.S. News & World Report. For example, Paul Reid, a Redfin agent in southern California, told the source that “Mobile traffic to our app has outpaced traffic to our desktop site dramatically. Folks first go to the iPhones and their iPads.” Further, the National Association of Realtors highlighted the fact that 89 percent of homebuyers are using online tools in their home searches, according to Living on the Cheap lifestyle blog.

“Don’t miss out on an entire generation of homebuyers.”

Promoting your home through technology doesn’t stop with being listed on real estate companies’ mobile apps however. There are many ways you can take this process into your own hands without requiring a lot of money. By using social media and other Web-based tactics you can promote your home efficiently, reaching the widest possible audience and selling your home quickly.

Video is king
With so many people filming various aspects of their lives, it is hard to ignore the fact that video is securing its place as a dominant form of information spreading. When it comes to selling your home, consider doing a walk-through and posting it to various sites such as YouTube, your real estate professional’s Web page, your Facebook page and other credible websites.

Living on the Cheap lifestyle blog also noted that many of today’s home-selling videos include narration and even demonstrate how the current tenants interact with the home to provide an accurate depiction of not only the layout, but a portrayal of space and flow. When it comes to providing a walk-through like this, you can entice interested homebuyers to make a special trip to your home even if they have been looking in another neighborhood or area.

Social media can connect you with homebuyers from all over.Reach a wider base of homebuyers.

Social media can work to your advantage
While some older generations might think the idea sounds out of left field, younger home purchasers are using social media to learn about homes for sale. As a home seller, you should take this seriously. For example, putting up a post on your Facebook page is one thing, but what about creating an entire page for your home? Truly, setting up a specific location for your home, complete with photos, videos, highlights and other features you find worth noting is a great way to interact with the outside world and share the best parts of your home with them. You will be gaining interest before anyone even steps in the door.

Additionally, homebuyers have many questions about potential homes they are looking at, and social media is a great way to address them. This allows interested homebuyers to pose questions to you about your property, and also makes it so everyone else can see the conversation. By having this type of interaction you can garner some buzz about your home.

Facebook is not the only social media outlet, by any means. Instagram is a great resource for putting photos of your home. While videos and content posts are great, sometimes people just want to scroll through some photos, and Instagram is the place for this.

If social media isn’t your thing, then you may find this direction of selling your home a bit odd, but as more and more millennials join the home buying market, it is important to cater to their way of life. Don’t miss out on an entire generation of homebuyers. Mobile technology and social media aren’t difficult to navigate through, and by posting items that people want to see, you’re likely to get a better response than you might realize.

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